Buyers October 24, 2011

Buyer’s agents are a FREE service!

Did you know that using a realtor is FREE for Buyers??  The Seller pays the commissions for both the listing and selling agents, so as a Buyer this is a free service to you!

Having an advocate on your side, guiding you through the process is a must when you are making the biggest purchase of your life.  Many people are under the impression that if they do not use a Realtor they will be saving money as a Buyer, when in fact it is just the opposite.   It is common to think that if you use the listing agent of a property write up the offer and don’t get your own Realtor you will save money in negotiations – WRONG.  In fact, the listing agent will usually get double the commission (3% for listing the property, and now 3% for selling it to you).   The Seller has already signed a contract with the listing agent detailing how much commission they will pay to both sides.  So not only are you not getting a discount you have the Seller’s agent trying to negotiate for you.  The Seller is already the listing agent’s priority, so you are actually doing yourself a disservice and many times paying more than you would if you would have gotten yourself a FREE Realtor.

I would rather have you pick a realtor out of the phonebook than not use one at all… but of course your best chance of saving money would be to work with me! 🙂