Newsletter December 15, 2015

Maddoxville | December 2015


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Happy Holidays! 

I am so happy with the overwhelmingly positive response I got to the first installment of Maddoxville. I’ve wanted to send a monthly newsletter for many years, and it is so rewarding to see it finally come to life. Each month will feature stories, tips, market updates, new listings and recently sold properties.

Four years ago, I sold Scott and Aimee Heffernan a somewhat dated home in Bothell, that they lovingly referred to as “the cottage house.” They recently invited me over to check out the transformation of their home. I am so excited to show you all that they have done for this month’s Before & After. During the buying process, the Heffernans had big ideas for updating— as most Buyers do. In just four years they have been able to make most of those ideas become reality, which as their Realtor makes me feel like a proud parent. 

Click here or the image below to view the Before & After of the Heffernan’s home.

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When I am asked, “What area do you work?” I have a hard time answering it, and usually say, “the general Puget Sound area.”

I made a map to visualize where my clients sold or purchased homes in 2015, so you can see what I mean—Everett to Tacoma, both sides of Lake Washington, I’m literally all over the regional map.

I also take pride in finding my clients excellent agents in other areas to assist them with their needs. So please don’t hesitate to call me if you or someone you know needs an agent referral for properties outside of the area. Some examples from the past year were: Anacortes, Ashford, Gig Harbor, Oak Harbor, and Tacoma.

If you are interested in receiving a price opinion on your own property, or are curious what the current market trends are in your neighborhood, please give me a call.

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Thank you to so many of you that made the trek on a stormy night to Woodinville’s Januik/Novelty Hill Winery on November 12 for my “Taste & Take” Client Appreciation Party.  I always love seeing and catching up with my clients, especially in a more relaxed atmosphere than buying & selling real estate.  I hope you are all enjoying your bottle of wine while celebrating with friends & family over the holidays. 

Download images from the party, HERE.

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30K over list price

2 bedroom, 2 bath updated townhome in a great location between Ballard and Fremont. The unit had 3 offers in 5 days, and the winning offer waived an inspection.

Buyers get great deal

Negotiated the purchase of this Renton home for LESS THAN the list price for wonderful long-time clients. This is their third real estate purchase in five years, and they always make very smart decisions that continue to pay off.




Heather Maddox, Broker
Windermere Real Estate/Renton, Inc.